Peer Review Policy

Peer Review Policy

SIJ serves as a crossroads connecting academia and social sector practitioners. The Journal is comprised of both research papers and practice-driven articles. Currently, over 50% of the articles are peer reviewed, and we have set a policy to keep that number above 40%. The original SIJ was practitioner-driven only and regional in focus. This site is an attempt to build a bridge to and from academia. 

All submissions to SIJ are first reviewed for completeness and then sent to be assessed by an Editor who decides whether they are suitable for peer review or general submission. Where an Editor is on the author list or has any other competing interest regarding a specific manuscript, another member of the Editorial Board will be assigned to oversee peer review. Editors will consider the peer-reviewed reports when making a decision, but are not bound by the opinions or recommendations therein. A concern raised by a single peer reviewer or the Editor themself may result in the manuscript being rejected. Each edition consists of peer review from content-area experts and our Editorial Board. 

The following published articles have undergone a peer review process: 

An Insight Into Social Innovations Within the Human Services System and Population Health

Vol. 1 (2020)

Social Mobility: Inspiring and Building the Capacity of Local Change Agents to Impact Poverty

Vol. 2 (2020)


Social Accountability and Accreditation; Interprofessional Education and Team Based Care; and Population Health Approaches to Global Health Access and Equitable Health

Vol. 3 (2020)

Women, Migrant and Refugee, and Remote and Rural Health Care Best Practices

Vol. 4 (2020)

Innovative Practices for Systems Transformations

Vol. 5 (2021)