Building A Primary Care Center Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration


  • María de la Paz Grebe Universidad Austral
  • Angel Centeno Universidad Austral
  • Campos Soledad


interdisciplinary students collaborations


La Posta Sanitaria "Las Lilas" is a social promotion and extension project, founded in 2007 by the Biomedical School of the Austral University, in Argentina. There is an interdisciplinary team of health professionals, including specialties such as: medical clinic, nursing, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, social work and psychology. This project has its roots in the institutional mission of the University to serve society, and its main goal is to promote and guarantee the individual and collective health of the community through the integral development of people. In order to generate a greater link between the faculty and the rest of the University, in 2015 we invited students from other disciplines to La Posta. The project is enriched by including contributions from other disciplines. It demonstrated that undergraduate and graduate students can share motivations, concerns, and together contribute to solving the problems of a vulnerable community while offering opportunities to improvement La Posta. 




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