How to Establish a Data Management Baseline within the Human Services Industry


  • Marian Baldini KenCrest


measurement baseline tool, data management


Growing data management capacity can be a real challenge in the human services field. Most agencies have basic information, such as the number of clients served, number of communities supported, and number of partnerships. However, some organizations lack a cohesive way of collecting more detailed data, which leads to each program having different information or a lack of accurate information. Because there is a lack of industrywide standards when it comes to what data is important and how to collect it, KenCrest CEO and President Marian Baldini created a tool that human services organizations can use to determine their baseline and take their capacity to the next level. Baldini explains and shares the tool to chart an agency’s course.

Author Biography

Marian Baldini, KenCrest

Marian Baldini, KenCrest CEO & President

Ms. Baldini has been the CEO & President of KenCrest since December 2015. She has more than 40 years of executive planning, administration, academia, and director support in the human services sector. She is the first female CEO and first female leader in over 35 years. She leads the agency which has 2,300 employees who support more than 12,500 children and adults with developmental disabilities and provides early childhood learning opportunities in seven Philadelphia locations.




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