Nuup: Emergent Blueprints for the Regenerative Economy


  • Linda Peia Ashoka


Mexico, Agriculture, regenerative economy, smallholder farmers, rural communities, sustainability, climate change, sustainable practices, water, systems change, backbone organization, collective impact, funding for systems change, multi-solving, poverty


Our climate crisis requires a new economic model that aligns economic growth with social and environmental well-being. Social entrepreneurs are envisioning new solutions that integrate economic and environmental objectives. Mexico-based organization Nuup is enabling the shift to regenerative production while ensuring their economic well-being for small-holder farmers. The work is pointing to emerging blueprints that can solve multiple problems, also known as multi-solving. An essential element is the creation of economic incentives for farmers to shift to sustainable practices. Central to Nuup’s holistic approach is the engagement of diverse coalitions spanning the private sector, civil society, the public sector, and academia to collectively design and implement solutions on the ground.




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