Ayni – Communities of Systems Change

A Practical Application of Collaborative Systems Change


  • Linda Peia Ashoka


systems change, collaborative systems change, systems innovation, collective impact, co-creation, Latin America


To address some of today’s most pressing problems, we must organize differently. Transformational change now begs that we collaborate with others to make sense of our interconnected, complex problems and envision new solutions that might not be feasible if we act individually. Systems thinking is a framework that can help us understand complex problems. ‘Ayni – Communities of Systems Change’ is an initiative that convenes leaders of change to develop their system leadership and advance systemic changes in collaboration with others. The initiative is currently supporting 80 teams of social entrepreneurs and local government leaders on co-creating systems change solutions. As these teams apply systems thinking to specific problems in their cities, they also engage a broader group of actors to build solutions grounded in diverse perspectives and collective change-making.

Author Biography

Linda Peia, Ashoka

Linda Peia is a Senior Director at Ashoka, where she works on global strategy integration. Prior to that, she designed and implemented collaborations between business leaders and social entrepreneurs in Mexico and Brazil, spearheaded Ashoka’s work in Haiti, and co-led strategy and operations at Ashoka Latin America. Linda is a founding member of the Ayni – Communities of Systems Change initiative. She has a Master in Public Administration in International Development from the Harvard Kennedy School.




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