The Future of Social Entrepreneurship Support


  • Georg Schön Ashoka


social entrepreneurship, system change, leadership, wellbeing, collective impact, scaling


Based on the results of the 2021 Ashoka Global Fellows Survey, this article discusses the big shifts that Ashoka sees in the field of social entrepreneurship. Further, it highlights the importance of system change, changemaking leadership, and well-being for supporting social entrepreneurs. The analysis shows that accessing network assets is key for scaling systems change and reflects on developing collective action as the next frontier in social entrepreneurship. The article gives insights into Ashoka’s Global Fellowship program, highlights practical examples, and points to further information and resources.

Author Biography

Georg Schön, Ashoka

Georg Schön is Co-Director at Ashoka Austria and co-leads the Ashoka Fellowship Europe Program. Georg co-creates social entrepreneurship support programs and ecosystem initiatives around the world.




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