Young Changemaking as the New Norm in Growing Up: The Role of Adult Allies


  • Claire Fallender Ashoka
  • Reilly Brooks Ashoka


parenting, education, future of work, empathy, learning, childhood


This article looks at data from Ashoka’s 2021 Global Fellow Study where Ashoka asked its network of social entrepreneurs what factors enhanced or detracted from their ability to start their changemaker journey at a young age. We look at who, whether parents, teachers, peers, or others, was most influential to those who began their changemaker journey as teenagers and those who started later in life. We notice that there are significant geographic differences in the influence of different adult groups in the lives of social entrepreneurs. However, all over, parents and family members, educators, and other social entrepreneurs play an important inspirational role. Our aim is to use these insights to understand and uplift the ways that our society can embrace and support young changemaking as a critical part of growing up.  

Author Biographies

Claire Fallender, Ashoka

Claire Fallender is Global Director of Youth Years Strategy at Ashoka.

Reilly Brooks, Ashoka

Reilly Brooks is a Partnerships and Youth Activation Manager at Ashoka.




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