Everyone a Changemaker: A Strategic Lens


  • Diana Wells Ashoka
  • Anamaria Schindler Ashoka


changemaker, social entrepreneur, ecosystem, system change, framework change, mindset shift, Ashoka Fellows, role models


This article frames and offers an overview of the journal issue which includes a series of articles based on data from 817 social entrepreneurs who are part of Ashoka’s Fellow network from across the globe. The sequence of articles in this publication builds a narrative thread of how social entrepreneurs have managed to achieve systemic changes at local, national, and international levels. The articles look at a range of issues and trends surfaced in the data including gender factors, how diversity matters, young peoples’ influences, policy change, and new roles for corporations and technology in social change. Other articles report new practices, new merging insights, and new research helping social entrepreneurs maximize impact. What is common across all the articles is how fellows are realizing systems change and mindset change by enabling many more changemakers and thus helping to enable an “Everyone a Changemaker” world.

Author Biographies

Diana Wells, Ashoka

Diana Wells serves on Ashoka’s Leadership as well as Impact & Evidence Teams and is Global President Emerita.

Anamaria Schindler, Ashoka

Anamaria Schindler is Leadership Team Member at Ashoka responsible for Ashoka Global Integration and Latin America strategy. She is also Emerita Global Co-President.




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