Outcomes of Self-Determination in New Hampshire


  • James Conroy, Ph.D. Center for Outcome Analysis
  • Anita Yuskauskas, Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University
  • Scott Spreat


self determination; funding; intellectual disability


Among change efforts in community services to increase the self determination of persons with developmental disabilities, few, if any, have empirically shown system wide benefits in the categories of improved quality of life, increased community membership, and cost reduction. We obtained outcome measures on 19 different dimensions of quality in the lives of persons who participated in a regional change effort at the Monadnock Development Services agency in southwestern New Hampshire. The project changed the package of services offered to people by furnishing them with portable, individualized budgets and choices related to service type and service vendors. Improvement was noted across most corollary indicators, and no negative outcomes were noted. The Project showed that autonomy and self determination could lead to enhanced satisfaction, community involvement, and resource savings.




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