HeyKiddo: A Company Dedicated to Helping Adults Gain Better Control of Their Children’s Mental, Social and Emotional health


  • Nicole Lipkin HeyKiddo, LLC
  • Kayla LeLeux-LaBarge HeyKiddo, LLC


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Children today are experiencing unprecedented rates of social, emotional, and mental health problems. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the mental health crisis among children is so dire that it has become a national emergency (2021). But there is hope. Research has consistently shown that early intervention is key when it comes to positive outcomes for childhood mental health disorders or issues. Put simply and powerfully, how we shape our children early on shapes their future. And no shaping is more powerful than what a child learns and models at home. HeyKiddo is a suite of digital solutions that helps parents, caretakers, and educators anticipate, detect and intervene when mental, social, and/or emotional issues or questions arise to prevent a more significant problem or crisis. HeyKiddo is a lifeline. Literally. 


Author Biographies

Nicole Lipkin, HeyKiddo, LLC

Dr. Lipkin is an internationally recognized clinical & organizational psychologist, executive coach, speaker, and founder of HeyKiddo™. She brings 23 years of experience and thought leadership in human and leadership development and assessment. She is an NSF SBIR-funded entrepreneur and has a proven track record of starting and scaling companies with a successful exit. She is a 2x published author, a columnist at Forbes.com, and has been featured on numerous international and national media outlets. Lipkin has built a network of companies with one, intertwined mission: To enhance from the inside-out. Nicole's personal mission is to help all humans (big and small) connect deeply to their potential and build impactful leadership, social and emotional skills to fortify them throughout their lives.

Kayla LeLeux-LaBarge, HeyKiddo, LLC

Dr. LaBarge is a licensed clinical psychologist trained in evidence-based neuropsychological assessments and behavioral treatments for children and adults. She has a strong research and writing background having published several peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on topics including resilience, service utilization, public health disparities, rural health, and positive psychological interventions. She currently acts as Director of Content and Research at HeyKiddo, managing the teams responsible for content and assessment creation, technological product development, and efficacy research. Over the course of her career, she has worked on large federal grants, including NIH and NSF, focused on positive community health outcomes. Over the past four years, Kayla has worked at the intersection of technology and psychology to create products that help parents, educators, and children thrive and flourish.




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