Skilling Up Black Workers to Launch Tech Careers


  • Carly Maurer ACHIEVEability
  • Jamila Harris-Morrison ACHIEVEability


Economic Empowerment, Workforce Development, Philadelphia, Community Engagement, Poverty, Tech Careers, Innovation


Poverty is one of the most crucial social issues of our lifetime and living-wage employment is a proven lifeline to the middle class. ACHIEVEability is a Philadelphia, community-based nonprofit serving almost 3,000 residents each year that seeks to break the generational cycle of poverty for families through innovative and holistic programming. 

ACHIEVEability launched TechUp in 2021 in collaboration with Project Realign to disrupt the cycle of dead-end jobs for marginalized communities by paying, training and placing Black, low-wage workers in living-wage, high-growth Salesforce careers. Black workers are underrepresented in the tech industry and TechUp serves as an opportunity to skill up Black jobseekers to diversify this sector. With promising results from its first cohort, ACHIEVEability plans to scale TechUp to launch more Black families into safe, secure careers. 




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