Advancing Learning Pathways and Economic Opportunity in the Era of COVID-19


  • Malik Brown Malik Brown Graduate! Philadelphia


Post Secondary, Workforce, COVID-19, Economic Mobility, Learning Pathways


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has fundamentally changed our lives and existence.  In a matter of a few months, the global health crisis has restructured our society and altered pre-existing patterns of human behavior, engagement, and connection. The mantra “we are all in this together” has taken on new meaning and added responsibility. Our emotional and mental health has been pushed to the limits as we grapple with an invisible killer that is frightening and indiscriminate.

As a higher education ecosystem, we must work to blunt the near-term implications of job displacement and income loss on food, housing, and health care affordability. Beyond their essential needs, this article addresses how to empower all individuals with the necessary resources for successful completion of their academic and career goals in this challenging environment and better position individuals to benefit from the eventual economic recovery by equipping them with the requisite tools, knowledge, and skills needed for greater upward mobility and financial stability.




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