TUFH Academies: Advancing Health Equity Through Education


  • Karessa Govender The Network: Towards Unity for Health


online learning programs , health programs, health workers, health equity , global, membership model


The Network: TUFH has recently established a global online learning program for health workers, policymakers, students, and faculty to advance health equity globally. TUFH Academy topics include Social Innovations in Health Professions Education, Social Accountability in Health Professions Education, Interprofessional Education and Team-Based Care, Indigenous Health, Transformative Leadership in Health Professions Education, Social Determinants of Health, Innovative Cities and Health, and Communication. The goals and student feedback from a representative course are described. An institutional membership model and sliding scale fee structure are intended to strengthen sustainability. Courses draw participants and faculty from all parts of the world, allowing change-makers to connect, learn from each other’s experiences, build relationships, and ultimately develop a global health-equity community.




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