Maternal Health Education Mini-project in Sudan


  • Ala Khalid University of Gezira - Faculty of Medicine


The maternal health situation in Sudan is particularly important and it's considered good while it is still progressing. Due to many reasons, the health of Sudanese women and young girls, in underserved communities i.e. rural areas and villages particularly, is heavily compromised. However, we came to understand the need for health education and health awareness campaigns in villages.

We came up with the idea of of presenting an initiative of a maternal health promotive/educational campaign in a small village population. The purpose of this idea was basically to assess the degree of awareness about reproductive health, to raise community empowerment, social accountability, and to help by offering this population health care welfare, promote international maternal health standards, and provide guidance and support to health systems for making motherhood safer. The idea was created and developed over the course of Interdisciplinary Field Training, Research, and Rural Development Program (IFTRRDP) assigned by the University of Gezira, Faculty of Medicine, Sudan.




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