Social Innovation in Colombia:

Analysis of the Structural Barriers and Opportunities


  • Maira Cristina Castro Mina Simon Fraser University


social innovation, social challenges, social change opportunities, regulatory barriers, economic barriers


Social innovation is often linked to a sustainable future, as well as the generation of new ideas, services, and products to address social and environmental challenges. Colombia's social and environmental challenges include poverty, inequality, armed conflict, and deforestation. These challenges have been hard to address due to regulatory and economic barriers such as the Colombian Land Reform. Nevertheless, some individuals and organizations have been developing innovative approaches to overcome these issues. This paper provides an overview of some of the Colombian challenges with inequality and the environment. It explains why Colombian land reform initiatives have created barriers for Colombians to innovatively address these social challenges. It concludes with a discussion about opportunities Colombians might have to overcome their structural barriers to social change and provides examples of successful initiatives.

Author Biography

Maira Cristina Castro Mina, Simon Fraser University

Maira Cristina Castro Mina, Master of Arts Student, Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University




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