Designing Changemaker Education for Greater Life Satisfaction


  • Stephanie Haase, Ph.D. Amani Institute


changemaker education, well-being, life satisfaction


The Amani Institute’s Social Innovation Management (SIM) post-graduate certificate has helped changemakers build skills and gain tools to address social challenges and create a positive impact. Burn-out and loneliness, however, can be barriers for changemakers to do so. Hence, one of the most important impact and success indicators to ensure that the changemakers participating in the program can do this work while maintaining well-being is the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS). Through intentionally designing the program to promote life satisfaction, the SIM Changemakers have consistently shown statistically significant improvement in SWLS scores at the end of the program indicating improved life satisfaction and well-being.

Author Biography

Stephanie Haase, Ph.D., Amani Institute

Stephanie Haase, Ph.D., Global Program Director, Amani Institute, Amani Institute Fellow




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