Advancing and Measuring the Impact of Changemaker (Social Innovation) Education

Ashoka’s 2022 Changemaker Education Research Forum Overview & Summary Stream 1


  • Wray Irwin, Ph.D. University of Northampton
  • Matthew Nash Stanford University


changemaker, changemaker education, curriculum, social impact, social innovation, social innovation research


The last 20 years have seen the emergence of social innovation as a field of study with its genesis in multiple disciplines, theoretical perspectives, and practices. As the societal, environmental, and economic challenges of the 21st Century become increasingly complex, the need for new thinking, skills, and capabilities to facilitate social innovation that not only tackles these challenges but enhances societies' capacity to act increases. The role of education as a major contributor in creating this new paradigm has come under scrutiny, with attention paid to how social innovation is taught, the skills and competencies social innovation education develops, and the impact such pedagogies and curricula have in developing students as Changemakers equipped to tackle these challenges. The Changemaker Education Research Forum (CERF) held in Nova Scotia between 17th and 18th September 2022 provided a unique opportunity to undertake a deep dive into many of the themes surrounding post-18 secondary social innovation education, exploring the rich seam of practice and research, moving this field forward. This article presents personal reflections on the papers and discussion that emerged in Stream 1 of the forum, the development of social innovation education, and the advances made in the research attempting to measure the impact of such education. These reflections provide an overview of the stream and introduce the varied and thought-provoking papers presented by researchers, students, and practitioners who took part.

Author Biographies

Wray Irwin, Ph.D., University of Northampton

Wray Irwin, Director for Enterprise and Employability, University of Northampton 

Matthew Nash, Stanford University

Matthew Nash, Director, Center for Social Innovation, Graduate School Of Business, Stanford University




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