Changemaker Talent Exchange & Impact Ecosystem™


  • Bob Spoer Ashoka
  • Heather MacCleoud, Ph.D.


changemaker talent, talent exchange, impact ecosystem, changemaking careers, talent enablement system


Higher education must develop the knowledge, skills, and perspectives that enable individuals and communities to adapt and thrive. As change, volatility, complexity, and ambiguity become the norm, educational institutions must adapt. They must help everyone become “changemakers” – able to take creative action to solve complex problems. Changemaking skills are increasingly becoming important for success in life, work, and careers. Ashoka: Innovators for the Public is developing a Changemaker Talent Exchange and Impact EcosystemTM. This paper will provide an overview of the three key components of the system: Changemaker Talent, Changemaker Solutions, and New Institutions. Its three areas of action include improving navigation, validation, and acceleration; the three ways this system will address current challenges and disconnects between higher education and the workforce. It will do so by providing a clear roadmap for a lifelong learning strategy, innovative models for credentialling, and tools for communication and translation of skills developed through the formal higher education process and beyond.

Author Biographies

Bob Spoer, Ashoka

Bob Spoer, Chief Entrepreneur for People/Search, Ashoka

Heather MacCleoud, Ph.D.

Heather MacCleoud, Chief Network Officer, Ashoka U, Ashoka




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