All Hands on Deck: Enabling Social Innovation


  • Dr. Sandra Lapointe The/La Collaborative
  • Andrea Nemtin SI Canada


Social Innovation, intermediaries, enabling ecosystem, ecosystem, transformation, Canada, innovation, SICanada


Social innovation's rather unsympathetic relationship with promoters of Intellectual Property (IP) and commercialization as the holy grail of economic success is not a deficiency; it is quite intentional. The process of creating lasting change on complex challenges takes time and requires an all-hands-on-deck approach. Intermediary action-oriented agencies like SI Canada can provide the network and process innovation infrastructure to support the development and testing of transformative ideas. Synergistically, academy-based knowledge brokers like The/La Collaborative can help leverage knowledge and skills to produce the evidence needed for systems-level investment in these transformative ideas.

Author Biographies

Dr. Sandra Lapointe, The/La Collaborative

Dr. Sandra Lapointe is a Professor of Philosophy at McMaster University. She is a Commonwealth alumna, a Fellow of the Humboldt Foundation, and an award-winning scholar. She is a past President of the Canadian Philosophical Association and a past member of the Board of Directors of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Her contribution to philosophy focuses on the history of logic, mind and knowledge. Her current research agenda revolves around bringing a Social Sciences and Humanities perspective on issue connected to knowledge mobilisation, skills development and policy for innovation in the social sector. Dr. Lapointe is the Director of The/La Collaborative, a pan-Canadian partnership funded by SSHRC, Mitacs, and the Future Skills Centre. The/La Collaborative’s mission is to foster better collaborative cultures for social science and humanities education, talent, and impact.  


Andrea Nemtin, SI Canada

Andrea Nemtin is the CEO of Social Innovation Canada. She has spent her career leading complex organizations and initiatives focused on creating positive social and environmental progress through strategic philanthropy, media and arts, social innovation, and impact investing. These roles have included serving as the CEO of the Inspirit Foundation, Executive Director at Rally Assets, and President of PTV Productions, as well as a board member and advisor to numerous organizations.

Andrea is committed to finding innovative ways to support cohesive and prosperous communities. She was recognized in 2017 with a Governor General's Meritorious Service Award for her contribution to inclusion in Canada.




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