Impact Incidents of Malnutrition in 1000 Villages of Tribal Odisha

Area of Intervention: Kandhamal District, Odisha, India


  • Man Mohan Singh Atmashakti Trust


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We are tackling the problem of malnutrition by addressing multiple contributing factors instead of the most common approach focusing on nutrition and health. We recognize malnutrition as a multi-dimensional problem, with the principal contributing factors being poverty, lack of a balanced nutritious diet, inadequate maternal and infant health nutrition, poor sanitation and environmental conditions, and minimal access to essential healthcare services. Another unique aspect of our intervention has been the facilitation of around 500 Health Kits at the village/hamlet level. This makes simple medicines for common ailments available for vulnerable people whose nearest access to treatment could be 10-15 km (6-9 miles) distant.

Author Biography

Man Mohan Singh, Atmashakti Trust

After completing a Master’s Degree in History, Mr. Manmohan(Koko) Singh joined the corporate mainstream, where he worked in marketing and general management for a little over 15 years. He then crossed over to the social sector, where he has been working on a volunteer basis for over 30 years. 

He has a passion for travel and has extensively explored the Himalayas, authoring 6 books on travel in the region. Since 2008, he has been actively involved in running Atmashakti Trust and continues to guide and mentor the organization as it grows in its work.




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