Tiger Tiger Burning Bright: The Tweeting Tribes of Odisha


  • C. K. Chandrika


Tweeter, Tribes, Odisha, Social Media, Baro baje baro minute, online activism


Odisha is an Indian state wherein a lot of tribal population is nested. This paper discusses the emancipatory journey that these forest dwellers were helped in taking by committed voluntary organisations towards accessing the fruits of good governance. It also records the trajectory wherein an unlettered population, who used to earlier chase civic service officials for securing basic functional necessities, graduated to acquiring social media skills and catalysing the delivery of hitherto delayed services. This occurred quite rapidly with their empowerment in using smartphone devices and harnessing social media tools. It is interesting to notice that the lockdown era of COVID, in fact, acted to expedite this journey.

Author Biography

C. K. Chandrika

Chandrika Ramakrishnan is an independent filmmaker, specializing in documentaries, experimental films, animation, and shorts. She has been working in this field since 1989, and her films are known for their unique perspectives and compelling storytelling. Chandrika has a keen interest in exploring alternative views on subjects such as health, environment, human habitat, and science.




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