Imagining Better Futures Using the Seeds Approach


  • Laura Pereira


Manoa method, potential futures, Seeds approach, sustainability, social innovation


Building capacities to anticipate potential futures that could unfold can help us to make better decisions in the present. However, imagining the future is not easy. To address this gap, the Seeds of Good Anthropocenes (Seeds) project has been designed to use innovative methods to undertake novel participatory processes to co-design desirable visions of the future and identify pathways of what needs to be done to get there. A core innovation of the Seeds project has been the development of an adapted Mānoa method scenarios process for envisioning more desirable futures. It has been used in a workshop with diverse people to envisions more desirable futures for specific places such as southern Africa, and northern Europe and the Canadian Arctic as well as for specific thematic areas like biodiversity and geo-engineering. The approach has been used in a variety of intergovernmental processes and has recently been adapted to take place online.

Author Biography

Laura Pereira

Dr. Laura Pereira is a sustainability scientist based at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development and the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Laura is interested in sustainability transformations in the Global South, focusing on food systems and biodiversity conservation. She is passionate about participatory research, in particular the use of futures thinking tools for enabling transformative change.




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