Autism Is A Challenge for Each Family, Here's How Parental Education Can Ease the Challenge


  • Alaa AwadElkareem Gezira university


autism, parental education, social skills, communication


Autism usually affects the communicational skills of children and can cause emotional and behavioral difficulties which holds a challenge for the parents. This often puts them in a stressful situation especially if they have no understanding of what's causing the irritated behavior and distress of their child, which further emphasizes the importance of caregiver involvement and education. A couple of studies have been carried out to measure the impact of parental education and suggests the adaptation of such an educational program to ease the challenges for the parents and their children. In this review we will be focusing on the adaptation of such a program and the results of it in a small sample that reflects the ability of such a program to improve communication, understanding, as well as reduce stress and disruptive behavior.




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