Medical Assistants/ Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officer: The Physician Assistant Comparable in Bangladesh


  • Khondoker Hossen


Medical Assistants, Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officer, Physician Assistant, Bangladesh


The Medical Assistant Training (MAT) course began in 1976 after the partition of Bengal in 1947 resulted in the development of both the State Medical Faculty of East Pakistan and State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh. These faculties have been holding examinations and awarding diplomas and certificates to candidates who have completed their course requirements.

The State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh was established in 1972 from the continuation of The Bengal Act-1914 for the purpose of holding examinations and awarding diplomas to L.M.F. and M.M.F doctors. After partition of Bengal in 1947, The State Medical Faculty of East Pakistan was created for the same purpose. Subsequently Compoundership, Dressership, Para-medical Technicians, Medical Assistant and Village Doctor (Palli Chikitshak) courses have been introduced and this Faculty has been holding examinations and awarding diplomas and certificates to the successful candidates. To prescribe syllabi for Medical Assistants, Palli Chikitshaks and all kinds of Technicians namely, Community Health Workers, Mid-Level Ophthalmic Assistant, Health and Sanitary, Laboratory Medicine, Radiology & Imaging, Dentistry, Sanitary Inspectorship, Physiotherapy, Radiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Operation Theatre Assistant, Intensive Care Assistant, Cardiac Perfusion, Cardiology and Prosthetic & Orthotics.

Author Biography

Khondoker Hossen

A recipient of the Medical Assistant Certificate with a diploma in Medical Faculty, Khondoker M. Hossen has worked for 5 years with NGO/INGOs organizations and inside hospital settings in Bangladesh. His career began within the field of medicine with Sans Frontiers MSF-Holland and continued through multiple other health organizations including Terre des hommes and World Concern, MEDAIR, and the Emergency Border Medical Team. He has provided services in the past as a medical consultant and currently provides medical care, IPC Management, in one of the world’s largest refugee camps in the country, Rohingya. pencilly trained IPC, MHPSS, CMR, SRH & Family planning and Immunization. He well-versed in Advocacy and Lies with government and other health authorities, stakeholder management, Health Coordination and networking with sectors and working groups, negotiation, team management including conflict resolution and Leadership. Fortuitously he has also experienced working with community outreach activities, effective referral system, logistic management, outbreak response (Diphtheria, Measles, Chickenpox, and Covid-19), Emergency health and medical management, Primary health care, Sexual & reproductive health (SRH), Child health, GBV; Mental health and CMR service at field level.  He achieves Improving Care in Health Emergencies’ (The DICE program) is a 9-months program from Doctors Worldwide-UK, about Migration Refugee Health. Got registered Medical Assist from Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council Certificate: D-10207




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