Burundi-In the Heart of Africa: techniques paramédicales


  • Colombe Bizumuremyi


Burundi, Clinical Officer


The program name for Clinical Officer training is referred to as "sciences et techniques paramédicales" in Burundi.  Unfortunately, the Clinical Officers Profession has not been integrated in the Burundian Health Care System.


The techniques paramédicales program started in Burundi in 2001.  The program started as a 4- year Bachelor’s degree program, but in 2014 the Burundian education system requirements for a Bachelor’s degree changed from 4 to 3 years.  The techniques paramédicales program also transitioned to a 3-year program.  

Author Biographies

Colombe Bizumuremyi

Colombe Bizumuremyi, a Burundian Clinical Officer (B.Sc, M.Sc) is currently working as Assistant Professor at the University of Mwaro, one of the two universities of the country which train clinical officers. 


Jean Claude NGENDAKUMANA is also a Burundian Clinical Officer (B.Sc,).  She graduated in December 2005 from the University of Mwaro, worked at Kimumbu District Hospital 2006-2009, and as Supervisor at the Kibumbu Health District Office from 2009-2013.  Since 2013, Jean Claude has worked as Coordinator of the Technical team of the Provincial Committee for Verification and validation of the services of Health Centers and Hospitals in Mwaro Province -Ministry of Public Health and the fight against AIDS-Republic of Burundi.




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