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  • Maria Macken


Ireland, Physician Associate


The Physician Associate profession began in 2016 as a pilot-study. Four US / Canadian PAs began working in surgical specialities in a large teaching hospital in Dublin. That same year, six students commenced their training in the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin (RCSI). The students qualified as PAs at the end of 2017 and entered the Irish healthcare system in 2018.

There are 30 PAs in practice in Ireland. Twenty-six of these PAs trained in the RCSI, and four PAs trained in the UK.

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Maria Macken

Maria Macken is a Physician Associate working in Orthopaedics and in 2017, graduated in the first cohort of PAs to train and qualify in Ireland.  She is the current Chairperson of the Irish Society of Physician Associates (ISPA).




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