Laos Medical Associate


  • Alicia Quella
  • Khampho Thammavongxay


Laos, Medical Associate


In Laos (officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic), the midlevel health care worker,  known as the Medical Associate, began in the 1990s.  The profession became less active over time and was reestablished in 2010.

Author Biographies

Alicia Quella

Alicia Quella, PhD, PA-C, is a physician assistant at a Community Health Center and an epidemiologist in Minneapolis, MN. She is an Associate Professor and Chair/Program Director of the Physician Assistant Program at Augsburg University. She has worked in Laos since 2014, with Health Leadership International.

Khampho Thammavongxay

Khampho Thammavongxay Ohno, MPH, PA-C is a family medicine physician assistant.  She received her Bachelor of Medicine from Guangxi Medical University, China and Master of Clinical Health Services degree to become a physician assistant and a Master of Public Health with concentration in Global Health from University of Washington in Seattle.  Previously, she has worked for the Lao National Unexploded Ordnance training program (UXO Lao) as a medical coordinator, an AusAID project as primary health care officer in Houaphan Province (Laos), and with the WHO/EPI program in Laos as a technical assistant.




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