Liberia Physician Assistants


  • Jerry Kollie


Liberia, Physician Assistant


The establishment of the Physician Assistant (PA) profession in Liberia is far dated as 1964. Its establishment was initiated by the Government of Liberia with support from the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF after they realized the need for well-trained and highly qualified health care providers in addition to nurses in rural and remote areas of the country.

Author Biography

Jerry Kollie

The author, Jerry Kollie is Physician Assistant (PA) with extensive clinical and administrative experience from Liberia. He received his Physician Assistant training from the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts (TNIMA) in Liberia. His is also a Public Health Specialist with clinical and administrative experiences in health program development and delivery in a number of areas including maternal health, nutrition, reproductive health and family planning and human resource development and management.  He has extensive experience in the public health management of programs in infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.


Mr. Kollie has worked for several institutions in different capacities allowing him to develop a skillset that includes effective communication skills, capacity building and facilitation skills, development of a solid understanding of grant and proposal writing and good financial management.  Additionally, he has experience in program monitoring and evaluation, health sciences research, effective report writing, and budget fore casting.


By holding a number of leadership roles, Mr. Kollie has been instrumental in the development of recognition and organization of the profession in Liberia.  He is the immediate past president of the Liberia National Physician Assistants Association (LINPAA), a founding member of the Global Association of Clinical Officers and Physician Associates (GACOPA) and the West Africa Association of Physician Assistants (WAAPA).  In addition, he is a member and the former acting Chairman of the Board of the National Health Workers Association of Liberia (NAHWAL) now, the National Health Workers Union of Liberia (NAHWUL) and founder and first chairperson of the board of the Liberia Allied Health Sciences Board (LAHSB), founding member of the Liberia Immunization Platform (LIP), founder and CEO of the Zorzor District Training Institute (ZDTI) and the God’s Grace Institute of Professional Development (GGIPD).  




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