Two for One: The Tandem PA Comparable in Malawi


  • Solomon Chomba


Malawi has multiple levels of mid-level medically trained clinicians. In 1890 the medical assistant position was created, Because of the physician shortage, the Clinical Officer (CO) profession was established in 1979 as a short-term measure. The CO proved to be so critical in health systems which made the Ministry of Health (MoH) to continue developing the CO profession. The MoH recognized that this well-trained cadre worked well in compliment with the MA and became the backbone of health care in Malawi.

While there are two terms for the profession, Clinical Associate (CA) is the formal title given to mid-level providers within the country.

Author Biography

Solomon Chomba

Working as a Mental Health & Psychiatrist Clinical Officer, Solomon David Chomba BSc, leads the mid-level practitioners in Malawi by sitting as the co-founding president of the Physician Assistants Union of Malawi, the umbrella body for Clinical Associates (CA), Clinical Officers (CO), Medical Assistants (MA) and Dental Therapists (DT) alike.




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