Nepal Health Assistants: The Physician Assistant Comparable


  • Tika Luitel
  • Rakshya Parajuli


Nepal, Physician Assistant


Nepal is a country in Asia, landlocked by India and China and lies in the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain range.  The country has many people living in remote, rural locations to which Health Assistants serve as the primary health provider.


The Health Assistant profession has existed for over 40 years with possible speculation that the profession may date back as early as 1800 AD; however, there were no official training programs.  

Author Biographies

Tika Luitel

Tika Luitel started as a health assistant professional in 2007 working in a remote 15 bed government hospital in Nepal. Tika is also an instructor at the program for health assistants and community medical assistant teaching basic and community medicine.  Tika currently works in a 50-bed hospital in charge of emergencies.

Rakshya Parajuli

Dr Rakshya Parajuli MBBS, MD specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  She has completed 2 years working for the Nepal Government and served in the district hospital during that time. Currently, Dr. Parajuli is working in Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital, Kathmandu as a senior house officer.



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