The Russia Feldsher Overview


  • Alexey Romanov


Russia, Feldsher


The feldsher is sometimes considered the physician assistant (PA) prototype. The profession was developed in Russia during the 19th century to serve in the military.  Many of the retired military feldshers after their service moved to rural locations to take care of the underserved populations. Feldshers were key  healthcare personnel at a time of physician scarcity.  Feldshers have provided medical services throughout the Russian Empire, later Soviet Union, and now the Russian Federation.

Author Biography

Alexey Romanov

Alexey  is a student attending Medical College №7 and has been studying to be a Feldsher for 3 years. Alexey is 20 years old and he was interested in the health profession because his grandmother was a physician and he wanted to follow closely in her footsteps. Since he is a student, he did the internship in reanimation department. He had 8 weeks of reanimation experience which included providing patient care, performed physician prescribed procedures such as administering medicine, blood sample tests and electrocardiograms. He assisted in tracheostomy procedures, catheterization of veins, and interpreting of cardiograms.




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