Rwanda, the Land of a Thousand Hills and Clinical Officers


  • Nathan RUTATINA
  • Charles Nsanzabera


Rwanda, Clinical Officers


Rwanda is a country in East Africa which is known as the Land of a Thousand Hills. In 2018, there was 1 doctor to provide care for approximately 9,000 people and  reports from 2020 state the country’s total population is over 12 million.  The Clinical Officer profession was recognized to benefit the country and serve as part of the primary health care after a need’s assessment in 2010.  Clinical Officers are an important health profession; however, it has not been fully integrated in the Rwandan Health care system.

Author Biographies


Nathan RUTATINA; BSC, MPH. is a registered Medical Clinical Officer. He is currently working as a Public Health Specialist with the Rwanda Ministry of Health in the division of Clinical and Public Health Services. He is also a consultant at Rwanda Joint Task Force on COVID-19 specifically in the divisions of Epidemiological Operations and Rapid Response Team. He is the founder and the current president of Rwanda Medical Clinical Officers Organization that brings together all Medical Clinical Officers in Rwanda and a member of Physician Assistant for Global Health.

Charles Nsanzabera

Charles is a researcher in global, public, and international health and development. He holds a bachelor's degree in clinical medicine and a master’s degree in public health.  He has hands-on Health-related Knowledge in managerial systems, health, and safety. In addition, he was most invested in health promotion, dealing with emergencies and clinical practices with tangible experience in occupation clinic leadership. Moreover, Charles has a versatile and tangible research-based philosophy in Occupational and community Cardiovascular Diseases Risk prediction, Factors, and its Practical scientific-based prevention that he is developing in his Public health Ph.D. thesis. He is also strong in coaching, team working, and engaging employees with target-oriented and data-driven health improvement. Furthermore, he is proactively oriented with agility in setting mitigation and contingency strategies for challenges that arise before, within, and after planning and roadmap initiation.




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