Zambia: The Medical Licentiates and the Clinical Officer Duo


  • Musonda Kamfwa


Zambia, Medical Licentiates, Clinical Officer


Clinical officers date back to 1950s. Training of advanced diploma candidates began in the late 1990s and early 2000s. A Degree in Clinical Officer training started in 2011, with many Clinical Officers graduating with a degree in clinical medicine, clinical ophthalmology, mental health and psychiatry, or clinical anesthesia etc. The names of profession in Zambia are Clinical Officer and Medical Licentiate.

Author Biography

Musonda Kamfwa

Musonda Joseph Kamfwa is a Holder of Diploma Clinical medicine and surgery and has a B.Sc. in Public Health.  He is also pursuing a master’s in public health.  He holds a Certificate in M&E, Certificate in HIV/AIDS and opportunistic management, data quality, HIV and communicable disease surveillance.  Kamfwa’s Professional Background includes: National publicity and coordinator of the Clinical Officer’s association of Zambia (2018 to date); District Clinical and Programs manager (Technical), ICAP at Columbia University Zambia; former senior clinical officer, ministry of health Zambia and former Health professional’s council of Zambia clinical officer’s examiner under professional examinations.




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