Somaliland: The Clinical Health Officer


  • Khalid Omar


Somaliland, Clinical Health Officer


Somaliland is in the Horn of Africa bordered by Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somalia.  Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991.  This fact still goes unrecognized by many despite Somaliland having  a democracy and regular elections.  Somaliland provides its people with opportunities and has its own army, police, and coast guard as well as its own currency.1,2  Somaliland strives to bring healthcare to its people and has many training programs especially for Clinical Health Officers.  Formerly a British protectorate, Somaliland still has relations with the UK.3  The Clinical Health Officer profession started in 2010.  The UK has helped with the budget of the National Clinical Officer’s Training Curriculum.  Sometimes the profession is known as Clinical Officers, Clinical Health Officers, or Clinical Public Health Officers.

Author Biography

Khalid Omar

Khalid Omar has a Master’s of Public Health and a post graduate diploma with a focus in teaching and education.  He is an experienced lecturer in the field of Health Sciences and  head of the Department of Public Health at Admas University.  Omar has a long history of working in Public Health and Research Projects.  He is skilled in data entry, data analysis, data collection, report writing, and SPSS.  Omar is also actively involved with several Water Sanitation and Hygiene projects in Somaliland.




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